Multilingual Core Curriculum In Psycho-oncology

日本語 (JP)

IPOS presents this online lecture series of ten webcasts, funded by the European School of Oncology (ESO). All Japanese translations have been completed with the generous support of GlaxoSmithKline Japan and the Japanese Psycho-Oncology Society. Please click on the links below to view the webcasts.

“Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Cancer Care”
by Walter F. Baile MD
Translator: Maiko Fujimori PhD
Narrator: Maiko Fujimori PhD Course Evaluation

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“Distress Management in Cancer”
by Jimmie C. Holland MD
Translator: Masako Okamura MD, PhD
Narrator: Masako Okamura MD, PhD Course Evaluation

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“Depression and Depressive Disorders in Cancer Patients”
by Luigi Grassi MD and Yosuke Uchitomi MD, PhD
Translator: Ken Shimizu MD
Narrator: Ken Shimizu MD

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“Cognitive and Behavioral Strategies for Cancer Patients”
by David Payne PhD
Translator: Yumi Iwamitsu PhD
Narrator: Yumi Iwamitsu PhD Course Evaluation

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by William Breitbart MD
Translator: Hideki Onishi MD, PhD
Narrator: Hideki Onishi MD, PhD

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Course Evaluations and Certificates

Certificate examplePlease view any of the presentations above. Click on the “Course Evaluation” link on the right side of this page to tell us what you thought of the presentation. We will use this information to improve future online lectures. At the end of the online evaluation, you may request a certificate for completing the course by providing your name and e-mail address. Certificates are emailed to those who request them once per month. Certificates will only be issued to current IPOS members.

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