The International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS) is the multidisciplinary international body responsible for the psychological, social and behavioral issues in cancer care. IPOS has determined that there is sufficient evidence and experience available to propose a new international quality standard, which could have a synergistic effect upon international and national efforts to improve psychosocial cancer care.

IPOS International Standard of Quality Cancer Care

July 2010 (Revised October 2014)

  1. Psychosocial cancer care should be recognised as a universal human right;
  2. Quality cancer care must integrate the psychosocial domain into routine care;
  3. Distress should be measured as the 6th Vital Sign after temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate and pain.

Endorse The Standard

IPOS is requesting that individuals and cancer organizations around the world endorse the IPOS Statement on Standards and Clinical Practice Guidelines in Clinical Care. The IPOS statement provides an opportunity for your organization to endorse guidelines put forward by two of the world’s leading international organizations, the Union for International Cancer Control and the International Psycho-Oncology Society, addressing supportive care issues for cancer patients and their families. This statement has the potential to influence the international standard of care and advance the overall goals of your organization.

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Endorsement Template for Cancer Organizations

Your organization’s endorsement of the Standard will be duly recognized by both IPOS and the UICC, and we welcome your support. If you agree, please send IPOS a letter of endorsement addressed to Luzia Travado, PhD, President of IPOS, on your letterhead, to John Chagnon at [email protected] or 189 Queen Street East, Suite 1, Toronto, ON Canada M5A 1S2. We will be honored to include your endorsement and logo on this website. Examples of letters can be found through the link below, or you may use the endorsement letter template (Word document).

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