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IPOS Pan-African Capacity-Building in Psycho-Oncology ECHO

7 Mar 2024 4:42 PM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

IPOS ECHO Pan-African Capacity-Building in Psycho-Oncology – Disseminating Evidence-Based Practices in Psycho-Oncology in Africa
To Improve Cancer Prevention and Cancer Care

Start Date: June 2024
Deadline to Apply: May 10, 2024

Overall Goal: To train attendees on best-practices in psycho-oncology in African oncology settings

IPOS has developed, in close partnership with partner organizations in Africa, an IPOS Pan-African Capacity-Building in Psycho-Oncology ECHO. Key benefits of ECHO are: 1) To build capacity for comprehensive cancer care in Africa through dissemination of best practices in psycho-oncology; 2) To hear worldwide experts on state-of-the art psycho-oncology practice; 3) To connect with other professionals in oncology and create a community of practice allowing for rich mutual learning and clinical discussions; and 4) To provide consultation and support in creating local program development planning in psycho-oncology.

Please see the following links for a short description of Project ECHO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAMaHP-tEwk&feature=youtu.be and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfqRwNd0Nao&feature=youtu.be

This ECHO will deliver training in evidence-based practices through monthly meetings over the course of one year. Each meeting lasts two (2) hours and will be on a different topic in psycho-oncology. First, there will be a presentation by an international speaker, then a participant will present a case relevant to the lecture, and third there will be a case discussion led by the speaker and a panel of experts in the field. Participants in the program will be professional working in direct clinical contact with cancer patients in Africa in a field appropriate to the field of psycho-oncology (e.g., physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers).

Applications are now opened for the program. Kindly complete the scholarship application, which will be peer-reviewed. Eligibility criteria are found below.

Our Organization:

IPOS is the sole multidisciplinary international charitable organization devoted to psycho-oncology, leading in education, research, training, public policy, and advocacy. In 2024, IPOS celebrates its 40th anniversary andIPOS holds non-state actor status with the World Health Organization (WHO). Part of our mission is to build capacity for cancer care in low- and low-middle income countries including in Africa. IPOS includes 800+ member from more than 100 countries.

Full eligibility criteria for the application (please note that all criteria must be met):

  • Be a professional working in direct clinical contact with cancer patients in Africa (you will be asked for formal signed letter from your institution as part of the application);
  • Conduct clinical work in a field appropriate to the field of psycho-oncology (e.g., physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers);
  • Be a member of the International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS) and of your National Psycho-Oncology Society where it exists or be willing to become an IPOS member if accepted.
  • Be fluent in oral and written English. Note: According to the Cambridge Dictionary, “when a person is fluent, they can speak a language easily, well, and quickly.”
  • Have access to a camera and to internet to be able to participate in the ECHO sessions with your camera on during the sessions.
  • Commit to attend the twelve ECHO sessions if selected to be a participant in the program (the sessions are scheduled to be held on every 3rd Thursday of each month by 1-3pm GMT starting in May 2024 except for a few sessions which will occur earlier during the day for scheduling reasons and for which we will inform you ahead of time);
  • Consent to the ECHO sessions being recorded (the didactic teaching only) and posted on the IPOS website;
  • Willing to complete short questionnaires throughout the program to give your feedback about the program as it evolves;
  • Commit to sharing the knowledge learned through the Academy to professionals in your city and country in Africa.
  •  Commit to sharing written, audio and video testimonials if requested by the program organizers.
Note: It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the application is complete. Incomplete applications will be automatically withdrawn from the contest without notice. Applications will only be accepted if they are received at your earliest convenience before May 10, 2024.  Applicants must upload their curriculum vitae, a letter of Institutional support and a professional passport photograph

Note: Please send any questions you may have about this call for applications to the following e-mail address: [email protected]. IPOS will only be able to answer any questions related to this call for applications from March 7th to April 21st, after which IPOS will no longer be able to answer. After the May 10 deadline, the only correspondence the applicants will receive is the result of the competition. Participants should anticipate receiving the results by the 2nd week of May. If you have not received a response, please check the IPOS website to know if there has been a delay in the processing of the applications. If you have not received a letter of offer by the 2nd week of May, unless otherwise indicated on the IPOS website, it means that you were not selected to participate in this ECHO.


-Follow the link below and fill out your Application; IPOS-ECHO SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM

- Have your CV, Letter of support and Passport photograph ready before you start the application.


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