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IPOS Member Profile: Dr Nayituriki Japhet (Rwanda)

13 Nov 2023 11:27 AM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

I’m Medical Doctor with Master in Global health Humanitarian Medicine and DTM & H graduated 2023 in London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Master in General Surgery from University of Rwanda. In 2022 to 2023 I have attended IPOS ECHO Training (IPOS Pan-African Capacity-Building in Psycho-Oncology, with extensive experience in public health, Palliative care, Psycho-oncology, Surgical Oncology care and clinical medicine, General Surgery, Tropical Medicine. I have worked in different public health projects that involve: communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; Reproductive, SGBV & SV, Maternal, New-born and Child health (RMNCH); Nutrition, epidemic Emergency response. Also, well experienced in projects of Non-Communicable Diseases of public health significance and as well as Health System Strengthening.

I have worked with different NGO’s such as: USAID, Global Fund, GLOBAL YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS (GYMHA) as an MSF-OCA; gaining experience on every donor requirements as far as project deliverables is concerned. Moreover, I have worked in partnership with various local and global institutions, as Medical Activity Manager, Team leader, Founder development operation manager, Fundraisers. I’m always interested in helping the people who need the highest support and Psycho-social support in a different context of Humanitarian.

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