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We are now welcoming new members for 2022!

10 Nov 2021 9:58 AM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

Join now and your membership will be paid through to December 21, 2022.

IPOS is a dynamic organisation with true global membership. Membership of IPOS means the chance to engage with professionals from 111 countries. Being part of IPOS provides opportunities to collaborate with many international organisations including WHO, European Cancer Organisation and Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to contribute to research and implementation of best-practice psychosocial care in oncology internationally.

There are four types of membership to choose from:

1. Active Members: Active members include physicians, epidemiologists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, social scientists and other professionals at the Masters or Doctoral level as well as those individuals with professional equivalence who have been actively engaged in the research or clinical aspects of psycho-oncology.

• $140 US for World Bank-classified High-income/OECD countries.

• $25 US for World Bank-classified Low- and Middle-income countries.

2. Early Career Psycho-Oncology Professionals (ECPP): Early Career Psycho-Oncology Professional who is within three years of his/her ultimate degree and is a practicing professional.

• $25 US for all Early Career professionals from all countries.

3. Members-in-Training (Student): Those in training to become physicians (PhD students), epidemiologists, psychologists, nurses, social workers and social scientists are eligible for this membership category provided they are considered qualified by the Membership Committee.

• $25 US for all Members-in-Training from all countries.

4. Associate Members: Any individual that demonstrates an interest in psycho-oncology may join as an Associate

• $140 US for World Bank-classified High-income/OECD countries

• $25 US for World Bank-classified Low- and Middle-income countries.

Join online today by going to https://ipos-society.org/Membership

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