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Member Profile: Christoffer Johansen

3 Aug 2021 8:37 AM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

My name is Christoffer Johansen and I was born and live in Denmark, which is one of the most well organized societies in the world. Unfortunately we currently have an immigration policy, which is among the most disgusting one can imagine. Our nation is small and probably this is the reason, that the 5.6 million Danes are careful to allow only a minority of applicants to enter the country. I was raised in a family of cultural/liberal (in the US entitled socialists) politicians, architects and psychologists and after medical school moved from some years of abdominal surgery into the psychosocial research field. I have been actively participating in IPOS since the beginning and started the field of psychosocial epidemiology in my country illustrating how psychological factors do not cause cancer and also that you as a cancer patient may live better when consulting a psychologist. However, you do not live longer compared to your fellow patients. My primary work has been on etiology, prognosis and interventions in cancer. As a PI, I have had the responsibility for more than 20 investigator initiated RCT’s in behavioral psychosocial oncology. I have supervised more than 60 PhD students, published more than 650 papers in peer reviewed journals, authored books in the field of religion and disease (I am not a believer, at least not a religious believer). And also coauthored and edited books on late effects, survivorship and personality and health. The last book was in English at Elsevier in San Diego, USA. I am best at writing applications, editing papers and overlooking the scientific processes. I am biking everyday to work, I have been the President for IPOS in three year period in 2003 to 2006. Together with Dean Uwe Koch from Hamburg in Germany and Professor Luigi Grassi in Ferrare, Italy, I convinced (I tend to believe) WHO to add psychosocial aspects of cancer in the overall cancer program. I have crossed the Atlantic in a sailing boat, biked around New York for 6 months during my stay at Memorial Sloan Kettering, skiing almost the entire massive of the Dolomites in Italy and have a short training and diploma of being a person who may take people over a glacier. I never used this degree. Today I work as a Professor in Cancer late effect research at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmar

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