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Founded in 1984, the International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS) was created to foster international multidisciplinary communication about clinical, educational and research issues that relate to the subspecialty of psycho-oncology and two primary psychosocial dimensions of cancer:

  1. Response of patients, families and staff to cancer and its treatment at all stages;
  2. Psychological, social and behavioral factors that influence tumor progression and survival.

In 2024, IPOS will celebrate its 40th Anniversary

People with cancer suffer from pain, fatigue, depression and anxiety, and so do their loved ones. Unfortunately, psychosocial care – dealing with the emotional and supportive aspects of cancer – has not yet been integrated into mainstream cancer care around the world. Our goal is to change this.

In 2014, IPOS Celebrated its 30th Anniversary

In 2014, IPOS celebrated its 30th anniversary and admission into official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO).


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